Not many people realize that airports are a hacker's dream. Hurried people grabbing on to any FREE signal they can find, relaying c/c info as well as business plans. You have a lot to lose if you get hacked, not the least is that hackers can turn your laptop into a robot (slave) once you connect to their network.

So here is how you avoid this. Disable your network auto search as it may lead you to a strong nearby signal which actually turns out to be someone near you who has set up a free ad-hoc network. Always connect manually to legitimate looking networks or preferably secure ones . One tip-off to tell the difference is if there is an icon at the connection login and you see 2 computers sending a signal to each other, you MAY have a hacker nearby who has set up such a network. So avoid the signals with that display.

Once you get a signal and connect, you would do well to not do secure business in such an environment. No credit card number sending, avoid file sharing and certainly do not discuss confidential matters. Obviously, if any pop-ups occur showing an exe type file needs to be downloaded, DON'T. This could be malware or a virus instigated by a nearby hacker.

Do not leave your laptop unattended unless you are within reach of it. If you wander away from it, don't let someone 'bump' into you or distract you even momentarily. It may be a pair of thieves working together to snatch your computer. Like in a casino, they might also create a commotion nearby that you decide to check into or help out at. Again, I wouldn't unless you are keeping an eye on your laptop. My advice is that it is even better to buy a security cord and lock it to the string of seats, which a thief will not be able to drag with them and while they may have small bolt cutters, they likely won't want to risk using them in front of others. Make sure the cord cannot just be unhooked from an open section of seat also.

Source by David C. Reynolds

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